Uncommonlaw Contracts are just agreements

original source: 174

My transcribe of karl lentz uncommonlaw talkshoe 174.

I only transcribe what I believe relevant, I find this a much faster way to learn, take down notes and revise.

Is there a contract between the parties? Yes.

Is that the contract the state of Alabama is moving, in this court, in this case, at this time?

There is a contract in this file.

There is the terms and conditions of a contract, but there is no contract between the parties.

A contract is just an agreement between the parties, the actual document, the written stuff, shows the terms and conditions of the contract. A contract is based upon the actions or in-actions of the parties, that establishes the contract. The paper is just the terms and conditions of the contract, in which both sides have agreed to abide by.

Why didn’t you do what they had asked?

Because that would establish a contract between the parties, that would show there is an agreement, that if you do this, i would do that, there’s fair and just consideration.

There is no fair and just consideration between the parties, there is no parties, I’m the fucking man, that’s the public servant, there is no commitment between us, there is no meeting of the minds. They are a fictional entity, and I stand here as a man, that is my property, they have no right to even trespass upon my property.

I will not ever show there is an agreement between us, I will not show it, I will never stoop down to your level, I will never have to defend myself against a public servant, I will not do it, I am not fighting you people, I am a fucking man. That is my property, you trespass and all of you are personally liable, you all know what you have done is wrong, and you are all covering up the fact that there is a theft, and now there is a forged instrument, and you people continue to allow this forged instrument to cause harm to man.