Uncommonlaw I’m guilty

original source: 177

My transcribe of karl lentz uncommonlaw talkshoe 177.

I only transcribe what I believe relevant, I find this a much faster way to learn, take down notes and revise.

I don’t say show me the law, I say I’m guilty of your law, not my law. I’m sure I’m guilty of your law, only problem is that I live in a common law land, and I’m going to require that you put a man on that stand to testify that I owe a debt, that I’m guilty of anything. I’ll agree that I owe a debt, if you show me the bill, if you show me the man, if the man comes forward and makes the claim true. You say I owe a debt, you look over to the prosecutor “you say I owe a debt? Take the stand. Oh are you saying I owe you a debt? No. Oh so who do I owe? United States Government. Well will United States Government take the stand? No. Well you know what you call me up when they are ready to take the stand and testify the debt is true, okay? I got the cheque right here, I got the money in my hand, but somebody is going to have to verify it’s true. I’m not going to just pay because you said so.”

I guarantee I owe many debts, but who wants me to pay first? I guarantee I owe dozens, millions and trillions of debts, but who is claiming I owe the debt?

The word for debt and guilty is the same in German. So if you say I’m guilty, then yeah I’m sure I am. I’m sure I owe debts, there is no doubt about it, I’m sure there are trillions of outstanding debts I owe mankind through out the world for the services and products delivered to me and I haven’t given them fair and just compensation for it yet. Fine, Not a problem! Where is the man that is going to come forward and say I failed to pay him twenty two years ago because you gave me air in my car tire? Bring it forward and I’ll pay him.

There is no defense against the IRS, it’s their case. If you go into an IRS court and they call you defendant, you ain’t got a defense, because you got no standing, you got nothing.

Let’s just go back to Roman law; the debtor has no standing in court, a debtor has no voice, a debtor has no say so. All a debtor needs to say “I am a debtor, can all the creditors please come forward so I can pay the debts.” That’s all, because you can’t argue with the creditors, just bring the damn bill and swear that it’s true and I’ll pay it! Because no creditor will ever be dishonorable and bring forth a claim that’s not true, because he knows what’s going to happen if he brings forth a false claim, his going to be beheaded, his going to die today. That’s the way you should speak, because that’s the way it’s been since mankind began. You bear false witness against my brother you died. It’s the law, he has no defense in a debtors/creditors court, you don’t. Just say that’s good, bring it forward and I’ll pay it. I didn’t know I owed him, just bring me the bill and swear that it’s true and I will pay him.

What I do in court takes 14 seconds, I gave him a notice, put about 11-12 words on it, and the judge said how do you plea? Umm I think I got the notice before the court, everything I need to say is in writing, it’s there before the court, I’m just waiting for the man to come forth with the bill. What? It’s in writing your honor, if you need leave of court, leave or lawful advice, if you need leave of court so you can understand that notice will take as long as you require your honor. Until then I got nothing else to say to this court at this time, I’m done.

You put the notice before the court, they read the notice out before the open court, and you sit back and do nothing and that’s it. Because anything you say is going to be used against you. So why you speaking for again, what’s the purpose of you opening your mouth, tell me? You get yourself in trouble, that’s about it. Just put the damn notice in and let it ride. How tough is this? But no you guys are so freaking smart you are too smart for your own good. That’s the problem, his so smart, his so educated, his so learned, he won’t shut the fuck up. A smart man knows the best thing in life is to do nothing.

“Sometimes the best hand is the empty hand.” -Paul Newman

In good law, if there is one error in that paper it is thrown out.

So, what they trying to say to normal people, who do not have a bar card, or are licensed in the state, or whatever, they are trying to say to you, look even though it’s something great that you are putting before us, when it is submitted by an attorney we believe them at face value, we totally believe they have researched it, it’s accurate, it’s honorable, they are not putting something in that is deceptive. A real lawyer would never do that, he would actually put down legitimate bonafide real true cases. Because he went to law school and swore to be honorable, and his got the ability to actually do the homework.

Where do you believe it says that? You believe it’s there, so you put it into reality. Nobody is telling this man to do a damn thing. When you look at Virginia traffics codes it says all persons shall have a drivers license, that means sometimes in the future when government has control over persons, all persons shall have drivers licenses, until then if you’re a man, shall doesn’t exist for you.

We still issue them citations so we can still have some sort of control over man, because man believes it. But if man just read the damn law, he would see that we have absolutely no jurisdiction or control over his movements or his property. Where do you believe it says anything in this piece of paper that they; the County or the Council over here is commanding the man or ordering the man to do any damn thing with his property or the possessions upon it. There is nobodies name on it, nobody created this damn thing, nobody is ordering you to do a damn thing. The Council is not a man, the Council doesn’t have vocal cords, you believe the Council is telling you do this, you believe so you make it true, you make it so. You fight, you argue, over something that doesn’t even exist, until you believe it exist, and you believe it has power and control, you manifested it into existence you asshole. You are bringing it out from the 2nd dimension and having it impact the 3rd dimension.

Oh okay Mr or Mrs IRS, thank you for sending this lovely fucking correspondence, this letter, you know. How may I address you Mr or Mrs IRS? How would you like to be addressed? You know I don’t think we’ve been formally introduced, let me introduce myself, I’m a man, and who are you again?

Hey how do you do, lovely presentment, lovely document, lovely, lovely! Mr or Mrs IRS I don’t believe we’ve been formally introduced.

Did you ask the judge, is she testifying? She will tell you no she’s not. Did you ask, or did you just think you saw the women testifying? Did you ask the judge, is this woman testifying? Because when I went to court with my buddy, I asked the judge, the same question, because the bank attorney was in the same court room, I said are you accepting testimony today? He said absolutely not. Well then the bank proceeds, you proceed, and everybody proceeds all you want, I will just save this for circuit court upstairs. I said, am I in a court of record? He said nope. I said good, then I’m I in a nisi prius court? He said that’s right. So no testimony will be given today? He said that’s right. So nobody is here? Nobody is here. I said you know I’m present here as a man? He said you’re not noticed. I said well there you go thank you, there is nothing left for me to do. I’ll file a case and move it upstairs, where I can get testimony and summon them to appear, they are going to have to testify. He said absolutely, that’s the way you do it. I said okay, thank you. I said to my friend anytime you want me to move the case upstairs I will go get the president or CEO, the man, or controlling officer who controls this organization or monster, I’ll get him to be summoned to appear, and he can testify it’s true or not true. It was a very simple thing, the bank was called the plaintiff, the plaintiff was at the auction and was the highest bidder.