Uncommonlaw Send me the bill

original source: 155

My transcribe of karl lentz uncommonlaw talkshoe 155.

I only transcribe what I believe relevant, I find this a much faster way to learn, take down notes and revise.

What I’m doing is incredibly simple, but incredibly powerful:

Oh do I owe money? Oh geez thank you for reminding me, can you please send me the bill.

Oh we can’t send you the bill.

Oh well how do I know how much I owe?

Well because I’m telling you.

Oh and who are you?

My names Susie.

(You gotta try and get her liable)

Oh Susie, so you’re the one that’s saying that it’s true? That I owe this much money, that it’s true?

(Well I don’t know what’s true, technically only God knows what’s true. She can’t tell you that it’s true.)

Well they are telling me.

Who’s this they? Because they are telling me how much I owe, so can you get me in touch with this they? Or can you give me this they’s name? I’ll call them, because I don’t think this is correct, I think they might of made a mistake.

You are trying to trap these people into committing fraud, you are trying to get them to defraud you out of your property.

What compels you to take paper pen and ink and fill out their form?

I just fill out a form with N/A.

Don’t stick around with subordinates, just go straight to the top, and say:

Hey who’s in charge of this IRS?

Bob Smith.

Okay thanks, I’m going to send a letter to Bob Smith.

Hey Bob, I don’t know what the hell is going on or what kind of shit you run over here, I don’t know what the hell is going on. But, I’m trying to communicate and send a very simple letter, and all I was asking was a very simple question; How is this frivolous? Thank you Bob, please knock your subordinates head a bit, because I’m sure you are a very busy man and you don’t want to be wasting your time with my very simple stupid questions. But honestly how is this frivolous? Can you put somebody on this case for me? Thanks a lot!

There is nothing in these books, it’s all from within, it’s God given. This is all innate.

I’m having an issue with your agency back in 2009, they said what I sent was frivolous. I tried to explain to them that I’m a very simple man, that I don’t understand what this frivolous means, can they explain it to me and nobody did. Now they are taking my money, my property from me, they are taking what’s rightfully mine, and I wish your agency to stop, because it’s causing me harm, injury or loss. All three of them. It’s actually causing harm and injury to my life. Mike can you look into it for me, if you’re a very busy man, which I’m sure you are, can you send me to the appropriate agent or assign somebody to this matter? Or to see into this matter?

The man just walked into court, and basically said, for a foreclosure: I’m a man, I’m here to pay any debt, if any man comes forth with a debt and be willing to verify that it’s true, I’ll pay whatever debt that any man lays before this court today.

Is any man willing to take that witness stand today, and verify that there is a debt and that debt is true, I’ll pay any man who comes forth to this day, takes the stand, and verifies that it’s true.

If some man is willing to take that stand and swear that it’s true, that there is a debt that is due, I will pay it.

If no man comes forth I wish for this case to be dismissed until a man appears.

If you’re a man, then you know how to stand up and fight like a man, and call up another man; throw the gloves down and say let’s dance?

Blacks law
Joseph Chitty
Webster’s 1828

Compare all the words, and try to find where the root of the word came from, and then try to see how they have manipulated it through out the centuries, try to find out who was trying to use it for their advantage. Because the best weapon is words; If we didn’t have words, we would be no different to a bird or a monkey, we wouldn’t have this capacity to move information as fast and expand, to be as creative and achieve what we do.

Just a piece of paper terrorizes people; they get something in the mail then their heart starts palpating and they start sweating, just because they see what organization it comes from.