native (n.)
mid-15c., “person born in bondage,” from native (adj.), and in some usages from Medieval Latin nativus, noun use of nativus (adj.).

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I’m not required

i, a man, I’m not required under, or by reason of, a law of a State or Territory, to obtain or have a licence or permission, for doing any act or thing in the exercise of my rights or the performance of my powers, which does not wrong or harm another man.


cause (n.)
c.1200, “reason for action, grounds for action; motive,” from Old French cause “cause, reason; lawsuit, case in law” (12c.), and directly from Latin causa “a cause; a reason; interest; judicial process, lawsuit,” of unknown origin.

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JURISDIC’TION, noun [Latin jurisdictio; jus, juris, law, and dictio, from dico, to pronounce.]

The power or right of exercising authority.

The limit within which power may be exercised.

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